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Believe it or not, over 4 billion dollars worth of financial aid/incentives is remitted to over 18 000 businesses every year.
Why miss out on the opportunity?

R&D Tax Credits

Many businesses underestimate the R&D they perform due to lack of information and unfounded myths. Vinden Toro Consultants transform your day to day into admi$$ible R&D.

Eligible R&D projects - Creation of New or Improvement to Existing

Products – Materials – Devices
Processes – Software – Equipment

You can receive a tax credit (up to 95% of eligible expenditures) from salaries, materials, machinery, equipment, sub-contractors and for certain overhead expenditures. Our tax experts are specialized in maximizing your R&D tax credits! We offer a complete solution and take care of everything for you.

We manage the whole claim process:

  • Presentation and overview of R&D program to your team;
  • Evaluation of eligibility of your projects;
  • Preparation and writeup of the technical report;
  • Calculation of eligible expenditures;
  • Preparation of tax schedules to attach to your corporate tax return;
  • Follow-up with fiscal authorities - update status of your claim;
  • Act as your representative in the event of an audit;
  • Advice on the eligibility of your future projects;
  • Training, coaching and continued support
  • Protection of confidentiality – Vinden Toro Consultants will protect the confidentiality and privacy of all information

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